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Install & Setup - Material-UI Reactjs

How to install and setup React Material-UI:

Material-UI is a reactjs library that provides different material designed components that can be used in a reactjs project easily. Material-UI is easy to integrate in a Reactjs project. We can download it as a npm package.


You can watch this video to learn it in a step-by-step process:


We can install it using npm or yarn using the below commands:

npm install @material-ui/core


yarn add @material-ui/core

Once the installation is done, you can use material-UI components in the Reactjs project.

The minimum Reactjs version is 16.8.0 and minimum react-dom version is 16.8.0.

Installation by using a CDN:

We can also use material-UI by using a CDN.

Here is a sample project that shows how to use CDN.

CDN is not a recommended way to use material-UI since it downloads the whole library.

In this series on Material-UI, we will learn different components it provides with examples.

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